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Tewksbury Invisalign Teen Clear Braces- Tewksbury, MA 

Invisalign Teen for Tewksbury Orthodontist


What is Invisalign Teen™?

Woman shows off invisalign orthodontist retainer

Having to get braces in your teens years is a very big deal. Teenagers are worried about what other peers are going to think with a mouth full of metal. Invisalign Teen™ is a great way for teenagers to get the treatment they want and not have to worry or even be self conscious of their smile. The aligners are clear so people won't know that your in treatment unless you tell them! We know that during your teen years you have a lot of specials events. Whether is a first date, special dances or photos for yearbook, don't worry we got you covered. Invisalign Teen® is a series of clear, smooth retainers that are made of plastic that move your teeth in small increments. They are very comfortable because you aren't dealing with the wires and brackets rubbing against your lip. When you smile you can't even tell that you wearing them. Since you can take the aligners out you can brush and floss normally. Also you don't have certain foods you need to stay away from like with braces. So  chew all the gum you want!


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